Drums made
from plastic

Shipping- or reusable drums with a flange diameter of up to 50 millimetres and a load capacity of up to 120 kilograms.

400 / 435 / 500 mm

125 / 150 mm

200 – 500 mm

80 / 100 / 120 kg

Our Colibri Drums are unique, for they are a reusable drum which can be dismantled. It can be collapsed without tools after usage and reassembled when needed again. This lowers the costs of retrieval considerably. The Colibri Drums are available in three models, varying between 600 and 750 millimetres.

Additional to the Colibri Drums, we also offer plastic drums as a shipping solution, varying between 400 and 500 millimetres.

Types of drums
shipping drums
reusable drums


  • one-piece, without fragile clicking catches
  • customisable
  • cable mounting bores
  • labelling area
  • drainage slots
  • cable exit holes
  • tappet hole
  • cable inlet holes
  • additional supplies: stacking aids

collapsable for reuse and optimised for transport


assembled for reuse

Made from 100 % recycled material

one-piece, no annoying click catches, robust

Additional supplies

e.g. stacking aids, area for your logo


We provide you with a complete service, a one-stop-shop. What matters to us and what you can expect from us:

  • Shipping

    We develop customised logistic solutions, regardless if by truck or by ship and especially for oversized drums. The drums can be delivered dismantled and reassembled on site.

  • Just in Time

    Our service sites are located near our customers and guarantee the punctual delivery of our drums, if desired even daily.

  • Retrieval and Repair

    We will retrieve and repair your used drums. That way they can be reused.

  • Drum Management

    We will take care of your drum management and will manage the delivery of the drums to your production site based on your needs. With this, we can minimise your administrative burdens and you can save internal logistical costs.

  • Rental of machine drums and their equipment

    We also rent out individual machine drums as well as the appropriate equipment for your plant.