Our sustainability management

As the industry leader in the manufacturing of cable drums made from wood, steel, and plywood, it is incredibly important to us to develop our products not only continuously, but also sustainably. We promote recycling solutions and pay attention to the carefully balance the usage of resources during the manufacturing of our products, e.g. sustainable forestry.

Our Commitment

These topics are for our sustainability strategies especially important:

Climate and Environment

For years now, we contribute towards a liveable future with our certified environmental management system. To continue to ensure this, we continuously develop ourselves as a company. We have made the decision not to green wash. We are not perfect, but we continue to work on ourselves.

Recycling Economy

The recycling economy is a crucial long-term strategical goal for us. For our company to gradually take part in a sustainable economy, we develop new business models. With our Return-System we are already contributing to a more sustainable world, that conserves resources and keeps products as long as possible in circulation.

Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases are the driving force behind climate change, which is why we as a company see it as our obligation to regularly examine our impact on the climate and reduce emissions as far as possible. Since 2021 we annually balance our emissions and test our processes steadily. Our goal: to gradually reduce our emissions. We use the most sustainable and energy efficient options with all our investors.


The conservation of resources through the recycling economy and the saving of emissions on the level of utilization of sites and products start with responsible purchasing. We are revising our purchasing processes and reshaping our supplier management to be more sustainable in procurement.

Our Associates

We want to create a work environment in which our associates want to work. That is why we offer our associates a many great benefits. We are deeply appreciative that these commitments have been formally recognised and our certification as a family business continues.

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    of August Hildebrandt are women

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    are under 50 years old


Equal opportunity and equal treatment are lived within our company. We have created a project for the topic of inclusion. For years now we have worked successfully with dependable partners to implement this project, to actively integrate people with disabilities in the operation of our company. We want all our associates to have successful careers and support them with goal-oriented training opportunities. It is also our expressive wish to actively support women in their pursuit of their careers. We are especially proud that x of y of our female associates work in leading positions.


Codes of Conduct

A successful company must be guided by clear and concise principles. We count on transparency and honest interactions with our business partners and associates alike. Are actions are based on international standards, such as the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights. We have coded these principles into our code of conduct.

Data Protection

We lay great importance in working together with mutual trust, which is why the protection of the data of our associates, customers, suppliers, and business partners is of great importance to us. We work according to the most recent laws and regulations on data protection and freedom of information at all times.

Whistleblower protection

Associates are often the first to discover maladministration. We want to prevent this. For this reason, we have set up reporting office, to which persons can turn to, who have witnessed or have information on instances of criminal misconduct. Suspicions concerning unethical or illegal behaviour can be reported to this office. The reporting office is responsible for witnesses and victims of all types of discrimination. All reports are anonymously handled and handed to a third person, not the executives. The process for incoming complaints or tips has been formalised in clear directives.